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Why Valuations Matter

As a business owner, knowing your business’ market value is important when you sell your business, but that’s not the only reason it matters. For example, if you’re shopping around for life insurance policies, are doing estate planning with your financial advisor or are interested in obtaining a loan you’ll need to know your net worth—and as a business owner, the value of your company will be a big part of it.

With years of experience, I have developed a proprietary approach to business valuation. When performing a business valuation I:

Explain the methodology we use: Some business brokers have a mystery formula they use to perform a valuation, presenting you with a final number but providing very little insight into how they came up with it. I take the time to explain how I came to your valuation, addressing any questions or concerns before the sales process gets started.

Give advice on how to increase your business’ value: Having been in and around all facets of real estate past two decades, I have a wealth of experience from which to draw—and I have seen what things have a tendency to increase value as well as what things can decrease value. I provide you with actionable insights on how you can improve your business’ value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Provide access to comparable statistics: Because of my vast experience selling businesses, I have access to a plethora of comparable statistics for your own sales and transactions as well as sales that other brokers have completed. When someone asks me “What do businesses of this type typically go for?” or “How does my business compare value-wise to similar businesses?” I have answers that are based on real numbers, not best guesses.

Aim for accuracy: I have keen understanding of business financials and which numbers truly matter. Following my valuation process, I am typically accurate within 5% of the business’ final selling price. In other words, when I give you a valuation for your business, the business typically sells for an amount that is 95% or more of my original valuation.

An Insightful Business Valuation Process
The majority of my intermediaries have owned businesses themselves, giving them personal knowledge of the blood, sweat and tears that go into building a successful business. I’ve also helped hundreds of business owners successfully sell their businesses. This combination of experiences led to the development of my valuation model—one which helps you to achieve top dollar while increasing my business cardthe chances of a quick sale.

Interested in getting a realistic valuation of your business? Fill out the form on the right side of this page to schedule a free consultation and business valuation.

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